Integrated Dynamics Compiler

by cyb0124
# This is a tool that compiles a ML-like program into Integrated Dynamics # variables. Below is an example program. Click "Compile" to try it out. # There is no infix operator. To express "x plus y", write "+ x y". # Last updated: 8/17/2023. # Example Program # Define an operator that takes in a list and a number. It adds the number to # each element in the list, and then insert the number itself to front and back # of the list. let modifyList list num = let mappedList = map (fun x -> + x num) list in concat (append [] num) (append mappedList num) ; # Example usage of the "modifyList" operator we just defined. This is another # top-level definition. Note that all top-level definitions end in a semicolon. let exampleList = modifyList [1,2,3] 5; # Recursion can be implemented using the U combinator. For example, below is a # recursive definition of the factorial function. let U f = f f; let fac = U (fun fac n -> ? (eq n 0) ( fun fac -> 1 ) ( fun fac -> mul n (U fac (decr n)) ) fac ); # Should output 120. let test = fac 5;
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